The Bomaki Collection

Inspired by the marbled covers of old bound books which a friend and book binder showed me, I loved the randomness and depth of detail in the patterns and, having come across bomaki, a form of scrunched shibori, managed to reproduce similar effects in a range of colours using indigo and natural plant dyes.

The Orimaki Collection

Inspired by traditional silk kimonos that unevenly dissect the fabric into blocks I wanted to replicate a similar effect using stitch but still incorporating the randomness and pattern detail of my bomaki work. Orimaki is my own combination of two traditional Japanese shibori stitches – ori nui and maki nui which are used to sharply divide the fabric into intersections. The bomaki marbling fills the gaps and interacts with the stitching to produce fine patterns.

The Arashi Collection

Inspired by lightning and driving rain, the Arashi collection is a series of wild stripes, some thick and some thin. The thickness of the stripes comes from how tightly the fabric is wrapped around the pole it is dyed on. Some patterns bear a striking similarity to animal stripes, but in different colours!

Can't see your colour? Just email and we'll see if we can make something just for you.


Shibori binding with indigo makes stylish patterns on table ware and tea towels. Every one different and perfectly functional.


Totes are so handy to have with you when you are out and about. Why not have a beuatiful shibori, indigo dyed one?

Lavender Eye Pillows

Organic French lavender eye pillows in a variety of designs. Dyed with Japanese indigo in a range of shibori patterns on cotton.