Guntai and makiage shibori with indigo


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Guntai and makiage shibori are two traditional shibori techniques that combine stitching and binding together.

Guntai was also known as military shibori, because it was often used in regimented patterns to decorate Samurai clothing.

Makiage patterns are characterised by crisp outlines with a bound centre.

Both techniques offer a wide range of design possibilities, especially when the patterns are repeated.

In this class you will be taught how to do each technique and dye your work in indigo.

The class lasts three hours.

Course availability

11/10/2019 14.00pm
Craft Central
Japanese Season of Culture
Craft Central @ The Forge
397-411 Westferry Road
Isle of Dogs
E14 3AE


Includes entry to festival all week

02/12/2019 18.30pm
Artist's studio
343-344 Beck Road,
E8 4RE


“Loved this workshop! Rob is a Shibori maestro and I learnt so much about Guntai, Makiage and the indigo dyeing process in our time together. Thank you!” - Lee, July 2019