Boro stitching workshop

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Boro (more accurately ‘Boro boro’), meaning ‘rags or tatters’ is the art of repairing fabric using scraps and stitching. A source of shame in Japan for many years, the fabrics are now highly prized and can fetch significant sums. Boro work follows the British wartime tradition of ‘make do and mend’ but was used out of necessity in Japan to prolong the life of clothes and bedding due to extreme poverty and the scarcity of textiles.

In this class you will learn:

  • The history and origins of Boro

  • How to repair a garment using scraps, both modern and vintage

  • How to use sashiko stitching to enhance your work

  • Practice using visible repair to enhance and strengthen textiles

It is recommended that students bring an item of clothing you wish to repair although fabric and threads are provided should you wish to just practice or start on a piece of your very own boro.

26/05/2019 14.30pm
7 Broadway Market
E8 4PH


16/06/2019 14.00pm
Stag and Bow
8 Dartmouth Road
Forest Hill
SE23 3XU


17/07/2019 18.30pm
The Village Haberdashery
Unit 6, Hardy Building,
Heritage Lane
West Hampstead
London, NW6 2BR