Shibori tote bag - Tobutori, flying birds pattern

Shibori tote bag - Tobutori, flying birds pattern


This shibori cotton tote bag has the Tubotori (flying birds) pattern.

Beads have been trapped and twisted and tied tightly with strong nylon thread using the traditional shibori technique called 'ne maki'.

The twists and folds create patterns often reminiscent of birds in flight. The pattern on this bag comprises of four birds spaced roughly evenly apart at the bottom of the bag.

As with all indigo dyed shibori work colour is built up by repeatedly dipping the fabric in the indigo and leaving it to oxidise in the air. This bag has been dipped and oxidised four times to build up the blue.

Shibori (which is derived from the Japanese verb ‘shiboru’ meaning to squeeze or to wring) has been practiced in Japan for over 400 years and comprises many hundreds of stitched, bound, clamped and pole-dyed techniques of which ne maki is just one.

This long-handled cotton bag is perfect for the beach or to take to the shops. The filled bag on the chair contained a jumper, two books, a small white baguette and a bunch of daffodils!

Every bag is bound and dyed by hand so no two are ever exactly the same and colour may vary slightly too. You will receive a similar tote bag to the one featured in this listing.

Please note: Pattern is on only one side of the bag. Props not included.

If this isn’t your thing check out my other shibori tote bags. New styles added all the time..


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100% Cotton
Dimensions : width 38cm x Depth 38cm. Strap length 30cm to shoulder.
Indigo dyed
Cool machine wash
All items have been pre-washed and are colour-fast. However, if you are concerned then wash in with your jeans or black or blue items.

Indigo is a natural dye and so items will fade over time, especially if exposed to sunlight for long periods.