Pink and grey orimaki shibori lampshade

Pink and grey orimaki shibori lampshade



Combining a graceful pink and a subtle grey gives this lampshade a refined elegance. It looks particularly good in a bedroom setting I feel.

This pink, grey and white stitched and marbled effect Shibori lampshade is part of the Orimaki collection from Romor Designs.

Inspired by the panels on Japanese kimono silk the fabric is a combination of two traditional Japanese stitch techniques (Ori nui and Maki nui) with another technique called bomaki which creates the marbled pattern.

It is handmade using vintage French linen sourced at brocante fairs in France that has been carefully stitched and compressed. The fabric is then mordanted in alum to improve colourfastness and dyed with Cochineal, a natural dye made from the shells of beetles to give the pink colour. It is then overdyed with Logwood extract and colour modified with iron to give the secondary, grey colours.

All fabrics used are handmade by the maker. This is a one of a kind piece, no-one else will have one that is exactly the same.

* Please note: Due to the handmade nature of this item the exact pattern and colour you receive will be similar to but not exactly the same as the one you see featured.

This lampshade works well in any room. The grey provides a neutral accent whilst the pink adds a touch of warmth.

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* Drum lampshade
* Wrapped in cellophane
* Shipped securely in a double-walled box

Each shade is carefully handmade, using professional materials that have been specially manufactured for lampshades and has many treatments:

* Fire resistant
* Safety tested
* Anti-Static
* Anti-Yellowing

The frame is made from top quality heavy gauge wire.

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