Sashiko embroidery

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Sashiko, meaning ‘little stab’ is the Japanese art of stitching beautiful patterns using running stitch. Often used to add strength, texture and warmth to old garments, Sashiko has become synonymous with complex repeating patterns and precise stitching. Although most people will be familiar with the traditional white stitches on indigo fabric, sashiko thread actually comes in many shades, allowing for a wonderful variety of colourful designs.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to mark up your patterns on fabric using a variety of pens and templates

  • How to stitch neatly and precisely, Sashiko is all about even stitching!

  • The rights and wrongs turning corners, crossing lines and intersections

  • Starting and finishing a row of stich allowing room for stretching and washing

  • How to make a hatamusubi (loom knot) to maximize the use of your thread

You will stitch an indigo dyed handkerchief as a project using sashiko threads in a colour and pattern of your choosing. These materials are provided but students can bring a piece of your own fabric to work on if you prefer.

26/05/2019 11.00am
7 Broadway Market
E8 4PH


16/06/2019 10.00am
Stag and Bow
8 Dartmouth Road
Forest Hill
SE23 3XU


19/06/2019 18.30pm
The Village Haberdashery
Unit 6, Hardy Building,
Heritage Lane
West Hampstead
London, NW6 2BR