Natural dyeing and shibori


This full day of learning about natural dyes is split into two 3 hour sessions.

In the morning session you will learn about natural dyes (plant fibres and extracts), alum and iron mordants and modifiers/assistants and the equipment you need to set up your own natural dyeing experiments. You will also learn shibori binding techniques. You will be working with silk, cotton and wool fabrics.

In the afternoon session you will use natural plant dyes over-dyed with indigo, mordants and modifiers to produce a sample book containing a range of colours on silk, cotton and wool fabrics. (Sample book included).

The dyes used will be tansy, madder, myrobalan and indigo.

We will also use an additional *mystery* dye to achieve another colour!

Limited to 4 attendees.

19/10/2019 10.30am
Artist's studio
343-344 Beck Road
E8 4RE


I came across Rob’s Natural Dyeing workshop online, read the detailed and informative outline, and signed up. The course definitely did not disappoint! Rob is a good-natured, easy-going tutor who is patient and supportive, which really helped as there was a lot to learn in just one day.
— Emma, Fabrications Natural dyeing workshop, 24th June 2017