Katagami stencilling with indigo

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The Japanese craft of Katagami (stencil cutting) has been around for hundreds of years, with craftsmen making the most delicate and detailed patterns and representations of nature.

Katagami stencils are made from Japanese washi paper, soaked and bonded together by the juice of the Persimmon fruit and then dried and smoked to create an almost entirely waterproof paper, ideal for stencil work.

In this full day class you will learn about:

  • The rice paste used as a resist for all Katazome (stencilling with indigo)

  • How to make and maintain an indigo vat and dye with indigo

  • Stencilling with leaves and other found objects

  • Cutting your own simple stencil which you can take away with you as a souvenir

  • How to paste fabric for dyeing with a variety of stencils including your own, those made by the tutor and some modern Japanese stencils

  • How to use a persimmon paper cone to draw with paste

  • You will use your stencils to dye a number of samples

  • A white cotton tote bag to stencil as a project is included in the price

Your tutor will also explain about the history of Katagami stencilling in Japan, the four types of stencil cutting techniques and show you a number of vintage stencils, including some from the Edo and Meiji periods.

This  is a full day class, 6 hours.

Course availability

16/02/2019 11.00am
7 Broadway Market
E8 4PH


12/05/2019 10.30am
Artist's studio
343-344 Beck Road,
E8 4RE


“I had a truly insightful day with Rob exploring Katagami stencilling. He is a knowledgeable and generous teacher. I would highly recommend this workshop!”