Intermediate Shibori - Traditional methods

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Intermediate Shibori – learn two traditional patterns of stitched and bound resist and dye your creations in indigo to achieve a range of beautiful blues.

This class will focus on using a rope core (Shin Ire) to expand the binding and stitching techniques you have learned and will give you two complete patterns which you can use for other projects.

This 3-hour class is aimed at people who already have some experience of Shibori, so it it recommended you have attended one of the Beginners classes first before you join this class.

This workshop will focus on learning two traditional Shibori patterns focussing on using a rope core:

Hinode - "Sunrise pattern" - this is a stitched and bound technique that results in a pattern resembling a series of sunrises. You will learn how to bind your piece around a core to produce either a pattern with the traditional binding marks (shown top left)

Yanagi - "Willow pattern" - this is a Shibori binding technique that results in a pattern that looks like willow leaves. You will learn pleating and binding around a core and can either make a traditional pattern with kumo spiderwebs (shown bottom right) or one with ne maki bead binding.

The tutor will bring sample pieces for you to see and other examples of what can be made with your finished Shibori pieces.

The tutor will also teach you how to unpick your finished work and reveal your designs.

A pre-prepared indigo vat will be available for you to use to dye your pieces.

Fabric will be provided that you can then use for other projects such as making cushion covers, lampshades or for cutting up to make patchwork pieces.

26/10/2019 14.30pm
7 Broadway Market
E8 4PH


Rob’s shibori class was fantastic. I learned so many techniques over the day, and left feeling really inspired about this beautiful art form. Rob is a brilliant teacher, and very generous with his ideas and top tips. I can’t wait to sign up for another class
— Louise, Fabrications Shibori and indigo dyeing workshop, 3rd September 2016