Beginners Shibori - Stitching and Binding

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In this class you will learn basic shibori stitching and binding techniques before dyeing your work in the indigo vat.

Over the 2.5 hour workshop you’ll master the following stitching and binding skills and learn all about indigo:

– The basic kamosage knot used to secure all bound work
– How to make the kumo (spiderweb), bai (seashell), and ne maki (wrapped beads) patterns using binding
– The three basic stitches – nui (running stitch), ori nui (teeth) and maki nui (twist stitch)
– How to create filled shapes (maki-age) using stitching and binding
– Other patterns such as makiage (bound stitched shapes), karamatsu (larch) and mokume (woodgrain) will be presented if time permits
– How to dye your fabrics in a genuine indigo vat

Instructions on how to create and maintain your own indigo vat at home will be provided.
Suitable for complete beginners.

All classes include indigo dyeing, unless stated.

20/10/2019 10.30am
108 Alexandra Park Road
Muswell Hill
N10 2AE

£100 (FULL DAY)

26/10/2019 10.30am
7 Broadway Market
E8 4PH


26/11/2019 18.30pm
7 Broadway Market
E8 4PH


01/12/2019 14.00pm
20B Richmond Hill
TW10 6QX


11/12/2019 18.30pm
66 Essex Rd
N1 8LE

NOTE: No indigo. You will get a Dylon dye
of your choice to dye your work at home

Rob has deep knowledge and respect for the traditional craft of Shibori and uses this to create sensational hand-dyed fabric pieces, as complex and beautiful as the process itself. His taster session reviews the basic binding and sewing techniques and leaves you thirsting for more.
— Rebecca, Fringe108 Beginners Shibori workshop, 5th July 2016
Rob is an excellent teacher and, for a novice new to the art of Shibori and making an indigo dye, I found his instructions clear and easy to understand. He packs loads into the day and we all managed to create great pieces to take away. I felt I had learned so much in one day and would highly recommend the course to anyone. It has made me want to explore further about Shibori and natural dyes.”
— Kate, One the Square indigo shibori workshop, 23rd April 2016