Beginner's shibori - Itajime

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This 3-hour session covers the range of Shibori techniques focussing on clamped resist techniques, known as Itajime and teaches you all about indigo:

This workshop will teach the three basic folding techniques for preparing fabric for clamp resist dyeing, known as "Kikko" – equilateral triangles, right angle triangles and squares. These can be varied in many ways to achieve different effects.

Stitched Itajime uses stitch to create resist patterns on kikko folded parcels to create kaleidoscopic pieces.

Free clamping and board clamped techniques using a range of shaped boards and clamps will be covered and the tutor will demonstrate how these can be used to produce a number of varied patterns using indigo.

Different clamps can be used to achieve different effects and different shades of blue on the same piece of fabric.

The traditional Sekka (snowflake) pattern will be demonstrated.

03/12/2019 18.30pm
7 Broadway Market
E8 4PH


I attended one of Rob’s Shibori classes. He was very insightful and passionate about his craft bringing a great atmosphere. Even though I was with complete strangers I felt at ease and in great company. The results of my work were fantastic with his guidance. Would highly recommend these sessions.
— Megan, Craft Central Itajime clamped resist Shibori workshop, 26th January 2017