Afternoon tea and rust dyeing

Romor Design tea and rust workshop.jpg

What could be better than a nice cup of tea, some elegant sandwiches and a slice of delicious cake?

How about all of the above and the fun of using the tea and some rusty iron to make beautiful patterns on cloth and then dyeing a white cotton tote bag to take away with you!

This 3.5-hour session will cover some basic Shibori binding and clamping techniques, which can be used to make marks on cotton samples. These will be dyed in three different types of tea with an assortment of unusual rusty objects to create interesting patterns.

You will learn about shibori, iron and tea as mordants and dye a white cotton tote bag (included in the price) to take away with you.

Workshop includes as much tea as you can drink, a selection of sandwiches and cake.


Course availability

This class is not currently listed. If you are interested in attending please email  Thank you